Extended Warranty Services The Need of Time

on Mar 11, 2016 Posted By Abhinav Parihar

Life is so paced up now; every opportunity comes and goes in a jiffy. Once lagged behind in the crab-race, career suffers a lot! The new generation has a lot to catch up with. Amidst this chaos, they do have ...

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Celebrating Womanhood, Now & Forever!!

on Feb 29, 2016 Posted By Abhinav Parihar

Who is a woman? She may appear as a mother, sister, wife, relative, househelp or just a friend. But, who is she actually? Is there any perfect answer for this question?

Well…not really! Time ...

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Useful Tips To Increase The Life Of Appliances

on Feb 18, 2016 Posted By Abhinav Parihar

Mrs. Sudha Kumar is a Delhi based entrepreneur who loves to maintain a healthy balance between her family and work. She understands that a happy family is as important as succeeding at her work. She has ...

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67 Years Of Republic Of India & Modern Appliances

on Jan 25, 2016 Posted By Abhinav Parihar

The much awaited time had arrived; gushing wind and cloudy sky; bouncy green grasses and splatting rain drops, all seemed overjoyed. Every Indian was smiling with hopeful eyes on January 24, 1950 – The ...

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Online Sunday Flea Market

on Jan 19, 2016 Posted By Abhinav Parihar


The age old city of Delhi is famous for a number of things. Be it the thousand years old monuments, shops at old Delhi dating back to hundreds of years, street food, beautiful clothes ranging ...

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Increasing Trend of Gadgets in India

on Dec 16, 2015 Posted By Abhinav Parihar

“Science knows no country, because knowledge belongs to humanity, and is the torch which illuminates the world. Science is the highest personification of the nation because that nation will remain the ...

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6 things to keep in mind while buying Electronic goods

on Sep 30, 2015 Posted By Abhinav Parihar

Do you remember your grandmother using a grinding stone to make some palate-pleasing “chutnees”? Or a small but heavy 'Mortar & Pestel' just lying in the corner ...

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How to protect your Smart Phones this Monsoon

on Jul 30, 2015 Posted By Pratyush Dixit

Monsoon season is here. Contrary to the expectations of the weather department, this year it’s raining cats and dogs. It’s like a blessing in disguise. Now the only ...

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TIPS : How to increase the battery life of your Laptop

on Jul 15, 2015 Posted By Pratyush Dixit

Arrrgh!!! I was in the middle of my assignment and this stupid battery discharged again. Half an Hour!!!! Half An Hour is all the juice it has!!!! I will f@#$%^g throw this ...

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How to extend the life of your Air Conditioner

on Jul 08, 2015 Posted By Pratyush Dixit

Air Conditioners have become an important part of our life. Life without an air conditioner seems difficult in a hot and humid country like India. Since we use air conditioners ...

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